Management consulting

Management Consulting – strategic consulting

The strategic consulting services offer both administrative and technology implementation services in mandates such as social networks of secure enterprise (Facebook for personalization company and securing networks for business purposes), the audit and gap analysis, the advisory service for CIOs, interim management for ICT services, IT master plan, identification of technical guidance, positioning of IT service in the organization or in case of mergers / acquisitions, training / awareness, enterprise architecture and support.

Coaching, mentoring and training

Coaching, mentoring and training

Coaching for management and IT professionals is offered to clients to ensure project management of projects is delivered end to end. Interim management, awareness presentations and training in our specialized fields where we operate allows additional possibilities for clients.

Specialized translation

Specialzed Translation and Text Writing

We do specialised translatation for Information Technology and Marketing.  We also offer our professional services for text revisions and we prepare flyers and brochures.

IT interim Management

Information Technology interim Management

Information Technology interim management  is available to help companies who are caught unprepared when resignation, maternity / paternity leave or sabbatical leave and illness. We made replacements as interim IT Vice President IT (or CIO) for more than fourteen months and as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for a period of over four months.

Secured Enterprise Social Networks

Secured Enterprise Social Networks

Secured Enterprise Social Networks (SESN) and Business Process Management are available to companies for the creation of Secured Enterprise Social Networks (SESN) with its implementation strategy, the SESN policy, support for the implementation and network security for the organization.

Business Process Management

Business Process Management

Management of business processes allows to link to Governance and Information Security, Risk Management, Compliance (GRC) and the business continuity and IT for the entire company . The process with the Human Resources and Information Technology (Infrastructure, hardware, software and services) are the three pillars for building an enterprise infrastructure.

More details in the description of these services may be obtained in the following document:

          Consulting Services [BC-IT]

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