Information Technology

Accreditation to the Expert TI program for SMBs at AQIII

(free accompanyment SMBs

  • A two hour Consulting of 2 hours and a summary report

  • Experience in Consulting for 10 years in IT for SMBs and

  • Responsability insurance (error and omission) for 1 M$

Accompaniment for website implementation and maintenance

Accompaniment for website implementation and maintenance

Here is how we proceed in order to implement and maintain a web site:

  • We identify with the client  a hosting site based on recommendations and evaluation of top hosting sites on the market.  These sites provide assurance for the continuity of your site and services offered to your clients.  They NOW present Optimized WordPress sites (OWP hosting): in addition to optimizing WordPress, they limit operations to WP and support processes (backup, security …) and they install WordPress.  We can help to start the hosting process.

  • The reason for limiting our support to WordPress is due to the fact that WP support  22.5% of all website on the Internet and close to 50% of all websites.  WordPress is free and is offered in “Open Source”.  2600+ WordPress Themes and 31,000+  plugins are available free of charge: other Themes are sold by theme vendors.  You can easily learn, use and manage (maintain) WordPress: many tutorials are also available.  WP is very close to Search Engine Optimisaqtion (SEO) and secured. It can use different média: images, audio et vidéos.  Diiferent variations of WordPress exist for most verticals.

  • As for Themes, we recommend those of Elegant Themes (ET) for their reputation and quality.  Wealso recommend the Divi Theme that we use at  [BC-IT].  We have been using ET Themes for more than 5 years.

We offer 2 possibilities for the creation and maintenance of web sites:

  • for a fixed price after delineating your detailed requirements and then by charging hourly rate for any extra;

  • at an hourly rate, for the development, installation and maintenance.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing offers new opportunities for information technology to support recovery solutions. The assessment of risks and benefits of these solutions and scenarios are necessary for companies of all sizes. Server virtualization, applications and workstations spreads rapidly and reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) and minimize infrastructure investments less useful information technologies.  It permits to concentrate on core business activities.

Electronic Document Management (EDM)

Electronic Document Management (EDM)

We have performed EDM mandates for the Canadian Space Agency and have managed the development of BADADUQ software at UQÀM. We presented courses in Library Science at the University of Montreal and McGill University, and we prepared EDM software on PCs for municipalities and schools. One such software has also been used by the FX-Garneau College for library technicians. We also completed assignments where Microsoft SharePoint software was involved.

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