Continuity and Recovery Templates

Templates have been prepared by Georges Cowan and Réal Raymond during their consulting mandates in Busines (BCP) and IT Continuity (DRP).

Templates for operational and business continuity

Operational and business continuity plan templates include project management plans, crisis and communication management plans, operational plans with business impact analysis and risk assessment, inventory and exercise plans.  These templates incorporate general procedures, specific instructions for for operation recovery i time of crisis.

Information Technology Recovery templates

IT Recovery Plans (DRP) templates include a variety of guides with content description in a period of crisis. These guides include general procedures, specific work instructions and reference information for IT Recovery in time of crisis.

Here is a summary of templates on this page:

          BC-IT Template summary   

You can buy these templates developed  by senior consultants with37  BCP templates and 23 DRP templates: these plans are in  Word, Excel and Power Point in the Microsoft Office suite.  In addition, MS Project is used for some templates in English and French.

If interested, contact [BC-IT] personnel for the description of the 60 templates on the contact page.

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