About Us

 Business Continu-IT

Our enterprise

Our enterprise, founded in 2006 in Quebec Canada, was launched by Georges Cowan.

Initially, BC-IT chose to do BCP (Business Continuity Planning)  and DRP (IT Continuity) were at the core of the firm’s involvement.  Afterwards, GRC (or Governance, Risk management and Compliance) became important along with BPM (Business Process Management).

Our mission

To provide professional consulting service and solutions to our clients to meet their objectives for Information Technology and Communications, management, human resources and business processes.

Our values

    Competence   Innovation   Integrity   Transparency

We hold values that positively alter how we live and work for our clients, our partners, our colleagues and our community.   We recognize that our partners and associates expertise and experience are valuable to our clients.

Green environment

       As green as possible

Our consultants either work at the client offices or where they live to help our planet and make it as green as possible, and help reconciliate work and family.

Enterprise culture

Our entreprise culture or organizational culture is based on a tightly knitted team in order to develop a strong sense of belonging. It is built on a common lifestyle in order to allow all moving in the same direction: toward success.

We are passionate  We have held the hands of our patients, of children affected by crisis, responded and rebuilt after catastrophes, and for some of us picked up the pieces of our own lives after disasters.  We get it.

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